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Full List of Cheeses

Local Cheeses

  • Berkswell sheep’s cheese - our world famous local cheese from Ram Hall in Berskwell. Nutty and sweet it is highly prized by lovers of good cheese.

  • Marlow and Kelsey Lane - both soft, mould ripened sheep’s cheeses also from Ram Hall.

  • Sparkenhoe Red Leicester - a lovely firm and tasty handmade traditional cheese made on the farm just over the county border in Leicestershire.

  • Warwickshire Truckle - a traditional cheese made by Fowlers Dairy to a traditional 75 year old recipe - this creamy textured cheese with a mild nutty flavour is a firm favourite with connoisseurs of cheese.

  • Warwickshire Truckle with Cracked Black Pepper – the same cheese with the addition of a layer of cracked pepper topped with a sprinkling of ground pepper.

  • Colston Bassett Stilton - the King of cheeses, a deep crumbly and richly textured pasteurised cow’s milk blue cheese handmade on the Nottingham Leicestershire border.

  • Cropwell Bishop Stilton- Superb organic award winning stilton from the beautiful Vale of Belvoir.

British Cheeses

  • Isle of Mull cheddar - strong and tasty

  • Lincolnshire Poacher - this vintage 20 month old tasty cheese is made from raw milk,

  • Black Bomber, Red Devil and Green Thunder - a fantastic range of tasty cheeses from Snowdonia

  • Ticklemore Goats - a gentle, very pale, goat’s milk cheese with a white bloomy rind

  • Cashel Blue - a lovely Irish Blue, Organic Cornish Brie - soft and mild brie

International Cheeses

  • Brie du Pays – a quality traditional French brie

  • Buche Ruffec - a classic soft goat’s cheese log

  • Cambozola - a German blue brie, creamy and mild

  • Camembert Grand Rustique – a great French full-flavoured traditional soft cheese

  • Dolcelatte – a luxurious blue-veined Italian cheese

  • Vacherin Mont d'Or - a special seasonal cheese in both France and Switzerland, only available between mid-September and March. The cheese is made from the winter milk of cows that have been brought down from their mountain pastures for the season.

  • Mercia Al Vino - made from the best Spanish goats’ milk, dipped in red wine for a distinctive look and wonderful taste

  • Traditional Greek Feta - great on salads

  • Gjetost - an unusual brown whey cheese with a caramel flavor

  • Gruyere - a cave aged Swiss cheese essential for fondues and great for melting

  • Roquefort - the legendary French blue cheese ripened in the caves of Mount Combalou

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