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Oils & Vinegars

We carry a range of superb olive oils and vinegars including a range that we can dispensed into your own choice of attractive and reusable glass bottles. You can even bring them back to be refilled. This way it literally doesn’t cost the earth to enjoy good food!

Organic olive oil

Zaytoun Olive OilZaytoun Palestinian organic olive oil

The Mediterranean climate, rich fertile soil and use of organic traditional farming methods, makes Zaytoun’s Palestinian olive oil a world outstanding product.

Buying this Fairtrade organic product gives farmers hope after the recent Israeli occupation of Gaza.

Zaytoun olive oil was recently featured in the Geographical: ‘The oil Zaytoun offers is about as ethically and environmentally sound as can be imagined’ wrote Victoria Lambert.

Food and wine writer Malcom Gluck described Zaytoun as ‘one of the least aggressive yet pungently attractive olive oils I have tasted, and ranked it alongside the best of the fruity Sicilian, Cretan and northern Spanish oils.


Vinegar is a product with a thousand uses. Just a few drops of aged balsamic give any dish a particular fragrance and taste. It goes with practically anything its use is only limited by the chef’s imagination and can be used in dishes from hors d’oeuvres to desserts.

We offer a superb range of vinegars for our discerning customers including our spectacular Balsamic from Modern that has been matured in fine oak wooden casks for 50 years, as well as organic wine and cider vinegars and a range of beautiful fruit and herb infused vinegars that include fig, raspberry, basil and lemon.

You have the choice of beautifully ready bottled vinegars or on-tap vinegars dispensed either into bottle we provide or your own containers. Listed here are just a few of the vinegars we regularly stock - visit our Delicatessen to see what we have in stock or contact us if you have a special requirement.

Balsamic VinegarsItalian Aged Balsamic vinegars produced by Antica Balsameria Emiliana
Millesimato Solera 100 year old Balsamic
Truly the top of the range, this limited edition 100 year old vinegar has an intense flavour having been matured in barrels of excellent quality wood. A unique product that lovers of good food really appreciate.

Reserve Antique 50 Year Old Balsamic
A wonderful vinegar - with a balanced bitter-sweet taste with a hint of the woody casks, syrupy and fragrant, dense and full flavoured.

Mature 12 year old Balsamic
A refined balsamic suitable for salads , dipping marinating and use in all cooking.

Black Label
An extraordinary complex vinegar, rich in aromas and bitter-sweet harmonics, full bodied, tempting and persistent. Dark limpid and glossy, it is dense and flowing. The fragrance is penetrating and lingering, with a bouquet recalling the wood of the cask.

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