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Pasta & Sauces

PastaWe think this is the best durum wheat pasta in the world ...

We only stock choice pasta for the purest!

Our authentic Beneditto Cavalieri range is still made by the fifth generation of the Cavalieri family in Puglia who continue to make pasta the same devotion and wholesome ingredients of their ancestors. The durum wheat still grows on the southern exposed hillside mountains. It is still made by the traditional Metodo delicate (delicate method).This involves a long kneading process and then pressing and drying at low temperatures. This guarantees the preservation of the nutritional value of the wheat and its fabulous taste and texture. When you want the best - nothing else will do!

Cooking sauces
We stock a great range of cook in and finishing sauces designed to make everyone’s busy lives easier. Our range includes top quality pasta sauces, exotic sauces inspired by the orient and superb locally produced low fat curry sauces too.

Atkins and Potts excellent restaurant inspired cooking sauces cannot fail to impress your guests, their Seasoned Pioneers range includes favourites such as fragrant Indonesian Rendang sauce, Moroccan Fennel and Apricot Tagine and authentic Sri Lankan Curry sauce.They also make fantastic range of pasta sauces - all come in ambient pouches that can be kept in your kitchen cupboard for ultimate convenience.

It’s hard to beat a really good curry sauce and our wide range of locally produced Bibijis’ curry sauces are really, really good. These fresh and light curry sauces are low fat with less that 2% fat but with all the taste of natural ingredients and full of flavour. These are handmade from a traditional family recipe, with a healthy modern twist.

We also sell the best pesto in the world! Our fabulous Seggiano unpasteurised pesto sauce is made with great olive oil and fresh basil and cashew nuts, either in jars or loose from the fridge.

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