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Chutneys & Pickles

At Kendall’s of Earlsdon Delicatessen we sell only the very finest preserves, so whether you like fruity or spicy chutney or a pickle that enlivens cold meats and cheeses, we are confident you will soon be addicted to our extensive range of Cottage Delight and Tracklements chutneys and pickles.

Both companies produce the very finest preserves money can buy - all are made by hand from the highest quality fruit and vegetables to traditional recipes. These quality condiments are packed full of fruit and vegetables and bursting with natural flavour! Please note that these products are not available in any supermarkets.

Cottage Delight Pickles and ChutneyOur Cottage Delight range
Cottage Delight, just like us are a family company passionate about good food! Kendall’s of Earlsdon have stocked Cottage Delight products right from when the Deli first opened more than 12 years ago – and they have a very loyal following.

We sell many other products too from the Cottage Delight range including cakes, fruit curds, jams, marmalades, sauces, dressings, French pates, cook-in sauces and some lovely packaged gifts.

Most of the pickles are gluten free and all are suitable for vegetarians. Many of these products are multi-award winning products, having won many coveted Great Taste Awards.

Here are just some of the varieties we try to keep in stock - however we do occasionally run out of certain varieties when customers from far afield visit us to buy up our entire stock of their particular favourite!


  • Farmhouse Pickle - This is an all time favourite, wonderful with a ploughman’s lunch

  • Hot Chilli Pickle - Made with fresh chillies, try it if you dare!

  • Poachers Pickle - Fruity and delicious, perfect with game pies, smoked meats and mature cheese

  • Spiced Garlic Pickle - Not for the fait hearted, use as an accompaniment or as an ingredient

  • Spiced Lime Pickle - An authentic pickle, full of flavour

  • The Cheese Maker’s Pickle - Made with a wonderful selection of garden fruits and vegetables, rhubarb, plums, blackcurrants, carrots and onions


  • Apricot Chutney - delicious fruity chutney, packed full of fruit a Great Taste Award winner

  • Aubergine and Mango Chutney - Best English Speciality Product 2002 - a perfect accompaniment for ethnic fare

  • Caramelised Onion Chutney - A superb chutney and Great Taste Award winner

  • Tomato Chutney – A taste of summer

  • Sweet Apple Chutney – Beautiful, fruity great with cheese!

Our Tracklements range
Tracklements Chutneys and PicklesOur customers also demand we stock Tracklements pickles, chutneys and sauces.

Made by hand in Wiltshire, these preserves taste fantastic and have a huge and loyal following - they are all made traditionally in small batches, with all natural ingredients by William Tullberg and son.

  • Tomato & Onion Chutney - This subtle yet tasty chutney perfectly balances spices and fruit to make the perfect tracklement for good Cheddar cheese, cold pork, chicken or turkey.

  • Indian Mango Chutney -This excellent, authentic chutney is made with fresh Mangoes. Perfect with all hot curries or to make coronation chicken.

  • Curried Fruit Chutney - This subtly spiced chutney is a firm favourite. Mix with mayonnaise to make a delicious coronation sauce for chicken.

  • Organic Plum Chutney - This delicately spiced chutney derives its delicious, sharp fruitiness from organic Stanley plums which are combined with orange zest, mustard seeds and selected spices. A particularly good chutney for cheese or cold meat.

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