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Jams & Marmalades

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We sell a range of quality local jams and marmalades - we only stock the best products and accordingly have chosen products from only two of the best companies we could find - the Harvest of Arden range and traditional Cottage Delight range.

We have only chosen to use these companies because we are confident that they only ever use the very best ingredients, and will not compromise on quality. Cottage Delight have been awarded 104 Great Taste Awards over the past 15 years for exceptional taste and quality.

Harvest of Arden - Jams and marmalades Preserves
Try these delicious products today....tasting is believing!
Kendalls Deli sells a wide range of these jams and marmalades, and use these very same delicious preserves to accompany our traditional teatime treats that we serve in our Pavement and Deli cafes.

These quality preserves all come from the local family run Snitterfield Fruit Farm, just down the road from where we are in Earlsdon - close to Stratford-upon-Avon. Their ethos, like ours, is pure and simple; they only use traditional recipes, and the finest natural ingredients (no artificial flavourings or colourings). All of this ensures that they produce an unsurpassed range of products as distinctive as the customers who buy them.

The conserves are full of fruit so that you taste the tang of a blackcurrant or the delicate sweetness of a strawberry; jam as it should be! All of the Harvest of Arden are classified as ‘extra jams’, with a much higher fruit content than standard jam - or indeed many of their competitor’s extra jams.

Here is just a selection of some of the Harvest of Arden varieties of jam we stock on a regular basis:

  • Plum - there is no need to make your own when this one is so good

  • Raspberry -This one’ a real head turner and essential for any fruit scone or tea time treat

  • Strawberry - Simply the best, a real taste of a summer from your childhood...

  • Damson - an award winning conserve - from a small fruit comes massive flavour

  • Apricot - Sunshine in a jar, heavenly on toast or on a sponge cake

  • Rhubarb & Ginger -This is the ‘soul food’ of the conserve world!
  • Blackcurrant - Tart with a real fruit kick, sensational used as an addition to a fruit sauce to accompany game

  • Blackberry & Apple - a traditional conserve, but a sensational combination

  • Summer Fruit - It’s like having five fruits all having a summer party on your palette... and you are invited!

  • Gooseberry - this one’s no fool! A superb and unique recipe for a favourite hedgerow fruit

Our Cottage Delight range of preserves
Cottage Delight is a family company that is passionate as we are about good food. We stock a huge range of their preserves including jams, marmalades, pickles and chutneys. Her are just a few favourites of the many products from their range that we stock regularly:

Blood Orange Marmalade,
Made with fresh blood oranges, to create naturally sweet fruit thin cut marmalade.
(Great Taste Award Winner, Gluten Free, Suitable For Vegetarians)

Fresh Pink Grapefruit Marmalade
Thin cut marmalade, made with pieces of fresh pink grapefruit.
(Gluten Free, Suitable For Vegetarians)

Orange Marmalade with Whisky

Orange, Grapefruit & Lemon Marmalade 340g
A classic thin cut Marmalade. A gold award winner.

Great Taste Award Winner, Gluten Free, Suitable For Vegetarians
Thick cut Gold Award Winner. A boozy alternative to traditional marmalades.
(Great Taste Award Winner, Gluten Free, Suitable For Vegetarians)

Seville Orange Marmalade
A thick cut chunky orange marmalade and Gold Award Winner.
(Great Taste Award Winner, Gluten Free, Suitable For Vegetarians)

Tangy Orange English Breakfast Marmalade
Made with Seville oranges, perfect for a traditional English breakfast
(Great Taste Award Winner, Gluten Free, Suitable For Vegetarians)