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Coffee to go

Coopers CoffeeWe also pride ourselves on the quality of coffee we make for our customers to take away. Our deli was cited as serving the the best coffee in Earlsdon and we are very proud of what we do.

We only use Coopers uniquely sourced Fairtrade coffee – and that makes ours the very best 100% Fairtrade espresso available anywhere!

It has  a Full bodied, but never bitter taste,  with a clean, well balanced aftertaste.

Our coffee is roasted specially for us from a unique blend of five Arabica coffee beans by Coopers to ensure the very best flavour is achieved.

Barista skills are as essential to making a decent cup of coffee, as the coffee itself and all our staff are trained by Coopers. They compete with each other to make the perfect cup of coffee.

So, you are assured the perfect cup of coffee!

Contact us at info@kendallsofearlsdon.com  or call us on 07906 174 601