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Soup, Sandwiches, Baguettes & Salads


Baguettes & Sandwiches
(Prices from £2.85, all served with fresh salad or coleslaw with optional mayonnaise or red onions.)

Baguettes - Choose a filling to go into a fresh white or multigrain Baguette or half a ciabatta

Sandwiches - White or wholemeal bread

Classic Fillings

£2.95 baguette   £2.70 sandwich 

Roast Topside of beef
Creamy Cheddar
Wiltshire, Smoked or Honey Roast Ham
Chicken – roast or Tikka
Free Range egg mayonnaise
Fresh Hummous
Pâté – smooth Brussels or Ardennes
American peppered pastrami
Roast loin of pork
Continental Salami
Creamy Tuna Mayonnaise
Warwickshire Free Range turkey

Combination & Specialty Fillings

£3.50 baguette  £3.20 sandwich

Bacon Lettuce & tomato
Bacon & Egg
Tasty Brie & Bacon
Ham & Egg
Ham & Cheese
Hotshot - our own mixture of cheese, mayo & jalapeño peppers
Chicken & Bacon
Mozzarella, pesto & Tomato
“Patchwork” Pâté
Prawns with Marie Rose sauce
Specialty Cheese – choose any cheese from our extensive range
Turkey, Bacon & Stuffing
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

(You can order any combination of fillings to your own taste.
Each additional main filling is an extra 50p)

Other extras include:
Olives, Sun-blush tomatoes, pesto, beetroot, aubergine pâté.

Add a little zest to your flavours with a condiment:
Chilli Jam - goes great with tomatoes (or just about anything)
Tracklements onion marmalade

Cutting down on bread? Then choose a healthy freshly made salad box instead!

Fresh soup of the day
Made with fresh seasonal vegetables, no added preservatives or additives

Savoury delights 

Slices of quiche
Aunt Winnie’s Pork Pies
Falafel Vegetarian Samosas
Filled Croissants
Tubs of Olives
Tasty “Pipers” Crisps
Spanish Habas Fritas

Sweet delights

Handmade cakes
Belgian Chocolate Brownies
Almond croissants
Soft, sweet French Brioches

Contact us at info@kendallsofearlsdon.com  or call us on 07906 174 601